Injectable Fillers

Itís well known that face proportions, along with the main prominent bony structures (Nose, cheekbones and chin) are key elements of our perception of a youthful and attractive face. Age deeply affects different components of the face. Midface fullness decreases while lines and wrinkles become more visible. Fortunately, injectable fillers are extremely helpful in such cases.

Fillers are actually one of the most popular in-office esthetic facial treatments. They are soft tissue augmentation materials and are applied under the skin with the aim to smooth and lift aging skin giving it a younger and plumper appearance.

The main indications are:
-Plumping thin lips
-Enhancing shallow contours
-Filling facial gaps
-Softening creases & wrinkles such as glabella, nasolabial folds and the so-called
  marionette lines around the mouth.
-Improving the appearance of recessed scars

They can also help restore the harmony and balance of the different components of the face by sculpting its contour and making the cheeks more prominent if needed in a way to sharpen to face features and achieve a younger appearance.

Injectable fillers are introduced just under the skin's surface through a very fine needle. There are many substances that can be used, depending of the site of injection. These include different synthetic materials or your own body fat.

In no time, you will have regained your natural glow and healthy shine, so much that everyone will notice the vibrant difference.

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